Powerfully Peaceful Music


The Journey

Do you believe in creating a New Reality? We do!

The Eloheim, an Angelic Group Consciousness, are Guardians of Cosmic Portals and Builders of the Universe, our Galaxy and our Solar System as we know it.
Their intent is to now gather a group of Soul’s, like you, who feel the call to join with them in co-creating a New Human Reality, a New World.

Are you in?

We invite you to be part of Voices of the Eloheim, with your unique iVoice and:

  • Uplift your individual consciousness – upgrade your iSelf
  • Raise the collective consciousness – upgrade the Collective iSelf
  • Co-create the New Universal Blueprint – Tune your iVoice to the new Cosmic Frequencies through Music and Light Language as we globally anchor the Consciousness of the 13 Sacred Pillars.



The Eloheim have the Plan, we have the tools, you have the iVoice. This is a work the World has not seen before… the timing is right!

Lets do it together!

[iVoice] n 1.Expression of you iSelf though Light Language in form of Sacred Sounds, Sacred Movements and Sacred Codes. 2. Your Soul Expression beyond time, space and gravity. 3. Expression of a Consciousness Group.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with Your Soul.

[i] adj 1. Intuitive, intelligent, infinite.

[Light Language] [LL] n 1. Divine Open Source Code that allows us to download and upload [i]information from the Universal Wide Web UWW.

[Collective iSelf] n. 1. A Coherent Group of iSelf coming together to enhance the Vision of a New World.

The Journey Itinerary

December 2017: We anchored the Vision in Hawaii

March 2018: We anchored the foundation in Milan, Italy

November 2018: We will anchor the first pillar on the 11.11.11 in Ek Balam, Mexico

Stay tuned! It’s just the beginning…

So you feel the call…

Here is how you can participate:

Robert & Lilly

“A Higher Purpose brought us together… We knew… BUT… What exactly? It took us 4 years to figure it out… because we had to upgrade the iSelf as individuals and as a couple to solve the mystery. Voices of the Eloheim is our Co-Creative Vision.” Robert & Lilly

“The music of Robert as you know it, is only the beginning. His Masterpiece Period is just starting. The years before were the warm up. The more he evolves as a person, the greater the music becomes. Remember, this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to have more of his timeless music to keep co-creating the vision of a new Universe.” Lilly

“Lilly is a guide, a visionary, a transformer. She has spent many years intensely working on her own self refinement, her iSelf, so that she could be a catalyst for others in Mastering the Sacred Art of creating with the Universe.” Robert