Powerfully Peaceful Music


Channeled Music + Light Language = Your Soul Masterpiece.

A Soul Masterpiece is a one of a kind creation, just for you. It is a potent piece of Music and Light Language that has within it the power to elevate your energy vibration and frequency to states of greater harmony and alignment with your Divine Path. Robert and Lilly see what your Soul requires to remember, heal and transform. The Music and Light Language they create work together synergistically, unlocking old limiting patterns and unleashing more possibilities in your life.

Robert and Lilly explain how your Soul Masterpiece works

Listen to some excerpts of Soul Masterpieces and their testimonials

Imagine if your Soul could sing a song to you, reminding you of who you truly are.

A song filled with music and Light Language that knows your journey, past, present and future.

The Soul Masterpiece…

  • Clears out all inner blocks and baggage with gentleness, dissolving the stuck places and creating more space
  • Invites forth more of your gifts, creativity, intelligence and wisdom into that space
  • Opens you beyond all time and space, to the Infinite You, the You that knows your Soul Purpose
  • Elevates and aligns you with the highest frequencies of health, longevity and abundance
  • Shows you how to manifest your potential and become the Master of your Destiny

Ready to live the life you truly desire?


3 minute* piece channeled by Robert Coxon specifically for you


6 minute* piece channeled by Robert Coxon specifically for you




9 minute* piece channeled for you by Robert Coxon,
your Light Language Sacred Symbol channeled by Lilly Wong,
individual messages and comments channeled by Robert and Lilly especially for you: A message from the Divine directly to your heart!

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