Fic- “Damaged Bits” Stargate Atlantis, Over, NC-17 (one of two)

Fic- “Damaged Bits” Stargate Atlantis, Over, NC-17 (one of two)

It actually was an appealing friendship one John got never ever expected

Title: Broken Pieces Copywriter: CJ aka WritinginCTFandom: Stargate Atlantis Pairing: John Sheppard/Jeanie Miller Get: NC-17Warnings: heta vackra sexiga Kinesiska kvinnor Character deathCategories: Hurt/Spirits, Anxiety, Romance, Friendship, FamilyDisclaimer: Really don’t individual the brand new recognizable characters I’m only inspired because of the all of them.Summary: When Jeanie’s image best wedding results in problem a relationship converts towards the a different sort of particular happily most of the just after.Status: Over cuatro/5/09 fifteen,665 words

One thing can take place on space off a heartbeat. A beneficial battered and you will exhausted entrance people can be step through the experiences opinions and stay back securely during the Atlantis, and you may a galaxy out a keen English teacher can be robbed and you will stabbed to help you death facing an effective bank’s Atm around three reduces regarding his very own domestic.

John try pleased the Odyssey was a student in World’s orbit when the guy and you can Rodney showed up from Atlantis. His damaged ribs was in fact likely securely, a keepsake from their history objective, and you can an airplane trip up to Vancouver might have been miserable. Rodney is actually surprisingly hushed and had been due to the fact Age got broken the headlines you to his aunt-in-law, Kaleb Miller, was actually killed in the course of good mugging moved incorrect.

There had been many people on domestic whenever John and you can Rodney showed up and you will a little throng away from journalists hiding throughout the external.

John got never noticed thus ineffective within his existence as he installed back in the entranceway and you can noticed Rodney envelope Jeanie for the a hug. Their own physical appearance offered him pause. When he got found their particular earlier while in the their particular trip to Atlantis she was actually vivacious which have a warm look and you will an instant laugh. Now she appeared numb along with her facial skin had good greyish pallor. Their paleness is further emphasized by their unique attention and nostrils, each other reddish regarding whining.

Rodney realized you to she and you may Sheppard had hit it off when she decided to go to Atlantis

Rodney try carrying Jeanie close and you may whispering something to have their unique ear canal by yourself. In the long run they pulled back and Jeanie cleaned their unique attention and blew their unique nose on one out-of exactly what was one hundred frameworks hanging out of your pockets away from their particular jacket. She in the long run entered one John are holding back and she merely hesitated the second in advance of going over and you can wrapping her arms as much as your.

John involuntarily let out an excellent grunt while the she pressed their sore ribs and you can Jeanie looked right up in the your with a curious look.

Within the a great hoarsely whispered plea she implored, “Please don’t state they. In my opinion if one far more people states it I am likely to start shouting and not avoid.”

Rodney and the other people grinding around the home saw Jeanie that have John with a keen iota from interest. But the guy along with understood that Sheppard was fully aware that Jeanie was not just Rodney’s aunt hence not allowed considering the new unwritten guy code, but you to she has also been gladly partnered with an effective child. And although Rodney you will tease Sheppard regarding as being the Kirk from the fresh new Pegasus universe, the guy realized one to deep down Sheppard are a keen honorable people and you will cannot make a move to the a female he know was married. It really wasn’t which he had been. But Rodney is curious over their behavior.

Exactly what Rodney did not discover would be the fact John and you may Jeanie had become family members in their own personal right. It actually was a thing that started the night time just before she leftover Atlantis when John got shown her the brand new video Rodney got registered. Another month, whenever Atlantis got the scheduled World switch-in the, John was surprised for a contact out-of Jeanie thanking your having permitting their own in order to reconnect with Rodney. She got runs out about happy their particular daughter got to see her house and just how far she had preferred their unique remain on Atlantis and you can fulfilling group. She concluded their unique email address advising your to remain as well as so you can keep Meredith away from difficulties. John had simply hesitated a moment ahead of delivering an initial reply and concluded it from the jokingly asking if the she had any worthwhile childhood tales to help you taunt Rodney having. The following switch-inside introduced an excellent four webpage answer. He discover themselves laughing out loud as he read their particular reply and then he amazed even themselves by responding their own questions relating to their own youthfulness and you can low-classified something he’d done in the air Push. The letters have been laden up with day to day life style of one thing and you may Jeanie constantly signed away from from the advising him to keep as well as keep Meredith away from problems. John got never really had a pencil buddy just before and he receive himself oddly awaiting per switch-from inside the.