Voices of the Eloheim: Interstellar [i]Antenna for the New Humanity (Tepoztlán, Mexico)
16 November 2019

On November 16th and 17th at a magical place known as Point 0.0 (Magic Valley, Mexico) we will be co-creating the Interstellar iAntenna which is a connection grid that will allow the new energies (never on earth before) to come through in order to continue the co-creation of a New Humanity.

Robert Haig Coxon will be channeling music that will connect us with this grid as well as with our Multidiemnsional selves.

Lilly Wong will be the conduit and catalyst using Cosmic Light Language (iLanguage) in form or Consciousness Codes, Sounds and Movements.

Together, 144 souls will activate the iAntenna and enable the next big download of the New Blueprint for a new Humanity in September 2020.

Come be a part of this unprecedented moment of Human Evolution!

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