Powerfully Peaceful Music


Show concept by Robert Haig Coxon, Lilly Wong and Tiah Coxon.


Take a moment and breath…

What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?

We live in such moments of stress that we rarely take time to experience the beauty of silence, the beauty of breathing, of just being.

We invite you to let the magnificence of Robert Haig Coxon’s music take you on a personal journey, filled with color, movement and sound. Feel your connection to Mother Earth. Fall into other dimensions of Time and Space as you experience within…


Are you ready? Just Stop!… and Breathe…

…as easy as that!

BE U BE LOVE… what most of us spend a lifetime trying to achieve and pursue… we come to realize through the universal language of music, movement and image that all of these qualities are, in fact, all around us… and beyond that … within.

We create a Space in Time to experience these vibrational emotions through a live experienced screen play. A powerful musical storytelling filled with color, images and movement and a great intention of Love as the capacity of expressing our Soul.

Our aim is to allow each person of the public as individual and as a group to discover all of this qualities are not some distant unobtainable goal, but in fact a part of us all. The beauty of it for us as a team, is that we can share this amazing 1.5 hours moment over and over with many others, who like us, believe in the magic of Now.

The Concert

The concert is a multimedia sensorial event, transporting the audience to what they might call another dimension… something that they will not be able to explain in words. An artistic event so powerful that the experience becomes a profound, personal, sacred event.

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