The Coxon Experience | PostScript Part 2

Robert Haig Coxon by Postscript, hosted by John Petersen of the Arlington. He is Robert Haig Coxon, one of the world’s masters of the music that heals and harmonizes. Mr. Coxon, has made it his life’s work to compose and perform the immensely soothing and rejuvenating music that . . . makes people better. Joining the discussion is co-presenter Lilly Wong.  

Light Language Channeled by / Lenguaje de Luz Canalizado por Lilly Wong | Música por/ Music By Robert Haig Coxon:

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    Clare (Friday, 04 November 2016 14:31)

    I have loved your music for years Robert. Two of my favorite CDs are 'Prelude to infinity' and 'The Infinite'. My clients love your music too (I'm in the Natural Healing Arts). The music helps to create such peace which magnifies their healing experience.
    So fascinated to hear about yours and Lily's work.
    Every blessing to you both