Music to transform your life

When I create your Soul Masterpiece I connect with your Universe, your Soul, as I am guided to manifest the perfect music (perfect melodies, perfect harmonies, perfect sounds) that can be the catylist for personal healing, self-confidence, self-love… for you to be the Master of your life. 


Composing music is often an intelectual process, but then there is the art of being totally connected with the Universe and allowing the notes to pour through. This is a unique gift that I have… and wish to share with you.



  • Opening to Self-Healing
  • Calming the mind
  • Finding Happiness and Inner Peace
  • Manifesting Abundance and Creativity
  • Loving Yourself
  • Claiming your Inner Power
  • Feeling a renewed Passion for Life

In Addition:


You can experience your Personal Sacred Code by Lilly Wong. This unique holographic gift from the Universe helps you to awaken to your cosmic potential and augments the transforming power of your Soul Masterpiece.

Examples of Personal Sacred Codes:

<<Kryon tells us that Robert’s Music and Lilly’s Light language together help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember our Quantum Selves. By remembering who we are, we heal, live longer and manifest new potentials.>>

Examples of Soul Masterpieces, Personal Sacred Codes and Sacred Sounds. Enjoy!

Order your Soul Masterpiece and Sacred Code by:


Price: 397 USD(without Sacred Code)477 USD(with Sacred Code)  




YOU WILL RECIVE via dropbox to download:

  • One mp3 file with your Soul Masterpiece
  • One mp3 file with comments from Robert and Lilly
  • One mp3 file with the Sacred Sound in Light Language
  • One jpg file with your Personal Sacred Code

Your  Soul Masterpiece is meant to be for only personal use, for personal empower. If your would like to have it for comercial use please let us know. It is a different price and arrangements with his publisher. THANKS!

All songs from ROBERT'S last 2 CDs are SOUL MASTERPIECES ... ENJOY!


As I listened to the Sacred Sound and the music in subsequent days, I felt touched by the sounds in a gentle and pleasant way. Hard to describe in words the nature of these feelings. The effects of your work resonate with me and I like listening, looking at the code and sinking into the energy of the image and sounds. thanks again!


When I treat someone while playing their own Soul Masterpiece, the results are nothing short of miraculous.

 Marc C.

"I received the files with no problem. Thank you both for your insights, art, voice, sound, and music. Thank you for being pillars of Light in the world. You are both portals, allowing the Universe to manifest itself through your work. Robert, thank you for the energy that precedes the playing of each key, the transcendent spirit of the music. Lilly, thank you for the inner music. You are a gift." DAVID

“Healing is often the result and lives are changed”

 Lee Carroll, Author The Kryon Writings 

Your music has managed to deeply touch my heart and very gently calm me. As soon as I downloaded my Soul Masterpiece, I listened to it more than 50 times to feel it and live it. I did not expect for you to see so much in me with this music. You really have an unusual gift to make and create beautiful things. THANKS from my heart! 

 Lise R. 

…benefits my body, spirit and mind. I no longer just listen to the music, I surrender, allow it to take over, change me and improve my entire being. Through the Soul Masterpiece, I allow the true nature of my highest self to manifest its glory.

 Lila A.

They are magnificent. I truly appreciate the wonderful talents that you both have. I will enjoy!


"FULL chills run through every part of me when I saw the sacred code and heard the Sacred Sound. My body compulsively went into a dance upon hearing the music. Such a delight. I feel a reuinion of sorts going on."


Soul Masterpiece

I create a piece of music from your photo. And… As I look at your photo, I connect with your Higher Self, your soul level, and I’m guided to create the perfect piece of music that will help you to step into your power as the Master. That will help you to discover and open up to your dream ... help you become your dream or to be pushed to get out there and experience life… and the joy of life. That’s what the music is.

To enhance your experience you could also have a *** Personal Sacred Code channels by Lilly Wong -

"Your Soul Masterpiece is produced in my studio situated on top of a mountain in the middle of nature, the perfect setting for becoming one with Creativity. From your photo I connect with your Spirit, your Soul, and am guided to play the precise music that will help you realize your inner potential as Master of your life."

 Robert Haig Coxon

<<Kryon tells us that Robert’s Music and Lilly’s Light language together help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember our Quantum Selves. By remembering who we are, we heal, live longer and manifest new potentials.>>